Blyde Canyon and Panorama Route

On Friday morning we made our way out of Kruger National Park. On the way out we were lucky enough to spot a lioness with 3 lion cubs. It was great to exit the park on such a high note.

About an hour and a half northwest of Kruger is Blyde Canyon and the Panorama Route. We began by making a stop at God’s Window (which is a beautiful lookout onto the Blyde Canyon). Next we made our way north to Bourke’s Luck Potholes. The potholes were formed from the Blyde and Treur rivers meeting and carving giant potholes into the bedrock. No pictures can capture the amazing geological formations created from these rivers. Our last stop along the Panorama route was The Three Rondawels, giant column-shaped rock formations that emerge from out of the Blyde Canyon. We were both awestruck by the amazing scenery that surrounded us.

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