The Bullet Train

Today we had our orientation meeting with the Rotary GSE leaders, and also a presentation about the status of renewable energy (RE) in Japan. It was very good to get an overview of exactly what we’ll be doing the next few weeks and to also hear firsthand about the RE industry in this country. 
After this meeting and lunch we left Sendai and took a bullet train to Morioka. Upon arriving in Morioka we checked into our hotel and went for a walk to the Morioka castle. All that remains is the castle walls. It is very cold here, with snow on the ground and sleet falling. We are about 120 km north of Sendai. From here we do a big clockwise circle and visit about 5 other towns as we make our way back down to Sendai. This was the only day we’ll take the train; the rest of the way we will drive.

I think I’ve checked all the easy words off the list, and am trying to learn harder ones and phrases. But they just do not stick in my brain. Hopefully if I say them enough they will stick!

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