A Quick Two Days in London

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Arriving at 5:45 am after leaving Washington D.C. at 6 pm, we both already feel exhausted but we know we have to fight through our tiredness to make it to a pub for the England Germany game at 3pm!

We started the day with a stroll through Hyde Park and Kenningston Gardens, and we visited Kenningston Palace. Next we headed to Westminster Abbey, where Jeff finally got to go in and see it; it’s always been closed on all of our previous attempts.

We enjoyed a nice meal on the Thames and found a pub to watch the game; we even managed to get a seat. The pub was about 99% England fans with one group of annoying German supporters. It was a fun crowd, although it definitely started thinning out after England was down 3-1.

After the game Alicen decided to quickly check if any tickets were available for the Portugal-Spain game, which would be the next night when we were in Cape Town. To our surprise, there were tickets! We were so excited, and after a few mis-attempts due to their poor website, we secured tickets.

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