Baby is Coming

I woke up around 2 am with pains in my tummy. Never having been through this, I wasn’t sure if it was contractions or not. I got up and walked around and they lasted for an hour, so finally I decided to wake your dad up. I whispered to him, “The baby is coming” and he sat straight upright and announced that we needed to start timing the contractions. He was so cute and excited, yet calm at the same time. We had an app on his iPod that we used to time the contractions. They were about 10 minutes apart until 8 am, at which time we decided to get up and get ready for the hospital. But also at which time they basically stopped! I had a few contractions throughout the day, but you definitely slowed your entrance, and it was soon clear that Feb. 2 would not be your birthday. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any sleep during the day, and that night the contractions picked up again. I took a relaxing bath and thought about how we would be meeting you within a day or two.

A huge blizzard was on its way to Colorado. Your Uncle Kyle arrived tonight, and he and your grandpa stayed over.

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