7 lbs 7 oz!

You had your two-week check up today, and you were back up to your birth weight. I was so happy you hit this milestone, as we’ve had our troubles with feeding and it’s so hard to know if you’re eating enough. The doctor said your health is great, and she doesn’t need to see us back until you’re two months old. That seems so far away! We also had to go to the lab to get some blood drawn for a test for you. You got cranky on the way there, and screamed the whole time we were waiting for you to be called back. By the time they did call your name, I was just fried. Then I was holding you while they were trying to draw your blood, and you were crying the hardest you’ve ever cried, and it just broke my heart. The intensity of you crying so hard for so long, combined with the needles and your blood, plus throw in my lack of sleep, and I was a bit emotional – I too burst into tears. I am sure the lab technician thought we were all crazy. I was so thankful your dad was there with us, and we all learned a valuable lesson: in the future, your dad will hold you for all necessary shots and blood draws.

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