Three Weeks and Almost as Big as a Vuvuzela!

Today you turned three weeks old. I’ve been trying to think of a way to visually capture how much you are growing from week to week and month to month. Your Aunt Gretchen took pictures of each of your cousins each month next to a big stuffed lion. You have a stuffed elephant but you are already as big as him. The next tallest thing in your room is the vuvuzela your dad and I got in South Africa. You are already almost as tall as a vuvuzela. For future weeks/months I’ll have to find something bigger.

Three weeks!

You are becoming more active and aware, and seem to be having more and more wakeful periods. Unfortunately, I have a little work I have to get done; I have two conference papers that are due during my leave. It is impossible to get any work done on them while I’m watching you, so thankfully your dad offered to watch you and I headed to a coffee shop to work on them. I think he enjoyed having some uninterrupted time alone with you, and I was happy to have some focused time to work. I spent four hours there and got one paper done. Yah! Unfortunately I still have one to go…

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