Soccer Kicks

You had to go to the doctor today and get some blood drawn. After our experience a couple weeks ago, I decided not to accompany your dad and you back to the area where they draw your blood. Well, as I sat in the lobby waiting for you two, I could hear you crying and it just seemed to go on and on. And on and on! I looked at my watch and 30 minutes had passed. I decided I just had to come back and see what was going on. When I went back they had just finished and you were starting to calm down, but apparently they had a difficult time getting enough blood out of the first foot, so they had to repeat the procedure on your other foot. Poor little girl! But during all of this you got very upset, and as you usually do you were kicking your legs back and forth, in and out. The lab technician proclaimed that you were going to be a soccer player with those kicks!

This afternoon we met three other women and their little ladies for coffee. Two of them had babies within a week of when you were born, and it’s fun chatting with them about everything that we’re all going through. I keep thinking how you three will be in classes and sports together as you grow older, and I’m hopeful you will be good friends.

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