Lucky Girl

Today was St. Patrick’s Day (and your cousin Emmett’s birthday) and your nana bought you a cute dress for the occasion. Your dad got you dressed for the day, and then we went out to brunch with your grandparents and a friend of theirs. After we got home I was holding you and realized that your dress was on backwards! It’s ok, you looked so cute in it regardless. It says ‘lucky girl’ on it, and I hope you feel like a lucky girl. We sure love you so much and are trying our very best to be good parents for you, and your grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins all love you so much. You’re lucky to have so much love.

Happy St Patty's Day!

Hanging out in our St Patty's gear

The cutest part of the outfit is the shamrock on your bum

A new development is that you’re starting to smile! Your nana has been saying that you’ve been smiling for awhile, but I think that yesterday and today you’ve started to have your first real, conscious smiles. Grandma Stephans was the first one that seemed to get you to smile, acting like she was eating your feet. Then today while Grandpa Stephans was holding you, you smiled big for the camera. So cute!!

Smiling with grandpa

Looking around with grandma

This afternoon we hung out outside some more, and played some more cornhole. It got cool as the sun started setting so we bundled you up. You’re so cute in your elephant hat!

Keeping warm in my elephant hat

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