Seven Hours!

You slept seven hours straight last night! Seven hours and 15 minutes to be exact. Whenever you wake up in the middle of the night I groggily roll over, look at the clock, and mentally do the math in my head to see how long you’ve slept (and hence, how long I’ve slept). I was amazed when I did the math this morning, and thought I might have the time wrong when you fell asleep. But I also use an app on my phone to time your sleep periods, and it confirmed the epic sleep marathon.

This is by far the longest stretch you’ve slept, and it virtually doubles the amounts you’ve been consistently sleeping (~ 3 hours). I’m not sure if it was being outside in the warm weather and all the activity of driving down from the mountains and the people at the game, but hopefully this will become a trend!

Today we went out to lunch with my friend, Katy, to celebrate her birthday. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of you and her, but I snapped this one of you while we were waiting for her to arrive. You were so cute and alert, looking all around the restaurant.

Bright-eyed and alert for the birthday lunch

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