Lunching Ladies

We went out to lunch with Liz today at the mall and did some quick shopping afterwards. Liz hadn’t seen you in a few weeks so was very excited to see you and commented on how much you’ve grown. She has two girls and brought you a bag of some of her favorite clothes of theirs – you even got given three very cute bathing suits!

This evening we went out for mojitos; I haven’t had a mojito in a long time! Despite going out around 4 pm in an attempt to avoid the chaos and crowds, the bar was very crowded. Numerous people loved looking at you and chatting with us about you, and everyone commented on how cute you were. One lady was enthralled with you and just wanted to keep talking to your dad and I about you. Your dad and I were joking that we were happy when she left because we were getting a little worried she was going to try to steal you!

Some lovin' before heading out for mojitos.

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