No Foolin’, Your Daddy is the Best

Part of the fun of this grand adventure with you has been watching your dad seamlessly become an amazing father. Throughout the pregnancy he was so confident and excited, a stable source of courage for me when I was scared or uncertain of what lay ahead. But from the minute you were born he has not only been so great with you, but he’s done everything in his power to help me out as much as possible as well. He watches you every evening so I can take a nap (while he is cooking dinner at the same time!), and he continues watching you until 1 am when I takeover. On weekends he’s watched you so that I can get a massage or take a bath, or catch up on some much needed sleep.

Today I played in two soccer games in my attempt to get back into shape relatively quickly. He watched you during the second game and after while I enjoyed a relaxing bath. Afterwards I came out into the living room to find him napping with you and Guinness. So cute!

Nap time

Sleepy dad and daughter

Your dad loves reading to you and hanging out with you, and he even discovered your favorite position to be carried in when you’re in a cranky mood.

Teaching you about beer brewing - you can't start too early!

Having a conversation in Breckenridge

You in your favorite position

But I think one thing that you two have perfected is the art of napping together; you even had it down since your first day!

Napping together on your birthday

Napping buddies

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