Sick, and Work, and Blah

I have not been feeling great these past couple of days. I think I am just having really bad allergies, but I felt awful yesterday and am feeling a little better today but still not feeling good. On top of not feeling well and trying to take care of you, I have some work I have to get done. I started working a couple of days a week starting last week, and I’m trying to just spread the 16 hours of work time throughout the week (when you’re sleeping or when Jeff is home). Although I don’t actually mind reengaging in work, I am finding it really hard to do work when I’m so tired, and this week, when I’m feeling so badly. I have three presentations I need to pull together this week so I can turn them in by the deadline next week, and I’m hopeful they turn out alright between the lack of sleep and sickness-induced haze I seem to be in this week. Otherwise they might be entertaining presentations for all the wrong reasons!

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