One (Really) Long Day

I had to go on a work trip today to San Francisco. I thought I’d minimize the impact on you of my absence by only being gone for one (long) day, rather than staying overnight and having an easier travel schedule. So I had to leave for the airport at 4 am, and I didn’t get home until after midnight. Your nana came over to watch you during the day.

About halfway through the day your dad contacted me to tell me you were on a hunger strike! You ate before I left, around 230 am, but you wouldn’t take a bottle all morning. It was hard being on the other side of the country and not able to help you. And it was strange you wouldn’t take the bottle because you’ve taken them ever since you were born. But around 2 pm I got a text from your dad that said ‘hunger strike over!’ and you had decided to eat out of the bottle (thank goodness!). You ate fine the rest of the night and then you were so happy to see me when you needed your middle-of-the-night feeding after I’d gotten home.

I have lots more work trips in my future and I know they’re hard on everyone. I hope we can get a good schedule and process worked out to minimize the impact on your life when I’m gone.

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