Teva Mountain Games

This weekend we were in Beaver Creek, and today we decided to head over to Vail to watch some of the Teva Mountain Games.

First Visit to Vail – at the Covered Bridge

We saw a mountain bike race and lots and lots of people and dogs, but my favorite was watching people on slacklines and the dog contest. I’ve seen people balancing on slacklines before, but today they had people who could jump and bounce and flip on them; one guy was even doing this about 20 feet above a river! We also went to watch the dog distance contest. Dogs run along a dock and dive in after a bumper, trying to get the longest jump. It was lots of fun, and you even seemed interested in it.

Watching the dogs with mom

Then we walked around Vail, taking in the sites. We stumbled across this Volvo made of Legos (or at least covered in Legos). Very neat!

The Lego Volvo

This afternoon we relaxed out by the pool. I brought down your swim diaper but you still haven’t yet gone for a dip. I want to wait until it is really hot out so that you aren’t too cold when we get you out. And we need to find some water that is shaded. Maybe this summer we’ll find the perfect spot!

Relaxing by the pool

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