Four Months Old and Back to Work

It was four months ago that I met you, and now four months to the date later I had to return to work full-time. It was bittersweet. It was nice being back in the office and seeing everyone, and being able to fully focus on work. But it sure was difficult to give you a kiss this morning and head out the door. It helped that your nana watches you on Mondays, and I knew you two would have a fun day together. You did great today, and when I came home your dad came out holding you to meet me on the sidewalk. You gave me a big smile and made it all worth it.

As we always do on your month birthdays (and sometimes in between), we had a photo shoot tonight. I put you in a cute onesie tutu outfit and you were entranced. The tulle skirt contained little flower petals and the texture and colors were all too much for you to resist. It was virtually impossible to get a shot of you still; you kept trying to get the skirt in your mouth.

Tiny Four Month Old Dancer

Loving the Outfit

Upside down serious pose

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