Sleep All Day, Party All Night

Unfortunately, your sleep patterns seem to have changed a bit this week. You’ve been a great sleeper to date, but this week you’re switching it up. We’re not sure if it’s due to the new daycare situation, or the warmer weather, or teething. Trust me, we’ve pondered all the possible causes, and we have yet to figure it out.

But yesterday, you slept all day. You’d eat, and fall asleep eating, then when you’d wake up I’d change you, and feed you, and you’d fall right back asleep! It was the most you’ve slept in months. And then last night you had absolutely no interest in sleeping. After a couple hours of trying to get you to sleep your dad and I took you for a stroll around the neighborhood in your new stroller, and that did nothing; you were as wide-eyed when the walk ended as you were when it began.

Your largest straight stretch of sleep last night was about two hours. Your dad and I both did everything we could think of to get you to sleep. During one of your wakeful spells, around 3 am, I even googled ‘4 month old sleep issues’ to see what I could find. Also, throughout the night the Barenaked Ladies song ‘Who Needs Sleep’ kept echoing through my head:
Who needs sleep?
Well you’re never gonna get it.
Who needs sleep?
Tell me what’s that for……

This morning your dad took you for awhile so that I could sleep. When I woke up I came out to the living room to find you, your dad, and sock monkey all snuggled up having a nice snooze!

Snoozing on the couch

Anyway, today we’ve aimed to keep you up and so we’ll see how you do tonight. This morning you went to the Mapleton Rummage Sale with your nana and me. You were awake and interested in all the action for the first hour, then fell asleep. After the sale you were wide-awake so I thought we’d bust out your Exersaucer for the first time and see if you liked it. You loved it! I wasn’t sure if you had the head control and leg strength for it yet, but you really enjoyed it. You were content in there for probably 45 minutes!

All Smiles in your Exercauser

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