Epic Nap

Your nana was here today watching you while I worked. You went down for a nap a little before noon, and I was busy working. As time went on I kept waiting for your nana to come tell me you had woken up so I could feed you, and I kept thinking she’d come in any minute. After a couple of hours I went out to chat with her and to see if you were awake, and she said you were still sleeping. I was happy you were having such a good, long nap and I headed back to my office to get some more work done. But at hour three I couldn’t believe you were still sleeping, and I thought maybe you’d woken up and just weren’t hungry, and that when I went out to the living room I’d find you playing with your nana. So I came back out and you were still asleep! So back to work I went, amazed at your long nap. At about three and a half hours of naptime, both your nana and I were getting worried. I just wanted to make sure you were ok, and I also wondered if you were going to sleep at all tonight. So she went in to your room and lightly rubbed your belly, you moved your head a bit but barely stirred and you were right back to sleep. We decided to just let you keep sleeping, assuming that your little body just needed the sleep, especially after the past couple of nights in which you didn’t sleep all that well. You woke up right around hour four, hungry, happy and ready to play. It remains to be seen if you’ll sleep tonight or not.

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