A Nice, Smooth Day

Some days everything works like clockwork – you sleep great and predictably at night, the morning goes smoothly as we get ready for work, you do great with the nanny, and you’re happy and easy to read in the evenings. It’s days like this that we feel like we really have a handle on this whole parenthood thing, and like we have you figured out. It’s funny how one smooth day can make us feel so put-together and confident, but we know when to appreciate a rare event!

Today was one of these days. Everything just went smoothly. And this evening we took you to our soccer game. We’ve been struggling with how to keep playing soccer together but also how to make sure that you’re taken care of and happy. Today our strategy worked great! The game was early, at 5:45 pm, and it was an outdoor game. So we each decided that we’d each play one half while the other one watched you. We brought a huge shade tent-like thing that I’d bought a few weeks ago and set that up. We put you in there, unzipped the windows for a little breeze, and you were content; you even took a little nap. It was so nice to be out and playing soccer, but also to have you happily there alongside us. Plus, as an added bonus, the crinkly sound and plastic smell of the tent were a good introduction to some of the sensations you’ll experience next week when we go camping.

The action on the field wasn’t enough to keep you engaged apparently

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