Enjoying the swing (and eating it too).

We’ve been trying to come up with activities to keep you entertained and active. You are such a bundle of energy and you always want to be engaged and moving. We pulled out the Exercauser a few weeks ago and it was a big hit, but you seem to be growing tired of that after a few minutes. This weekend Liz gave us a swing that hangs in a doorway, and today we put it up and you tried it out. I think you might be a bit too little for it; when we put you in it you just spun and spun and spun, twirling on your toes like a little dancer. We finally had to stop it from spinning as it was clear you weren’t able to stop it, and we didn’t want you to get sick or upset. But you seemed quite content. Although you’re not yet able to stand and jump up and down, you did seem pretty happy trying to bounce and bobble around. I think this might become one of your favorite toys!

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