Lyrical Baby

When papa was talking with Sarah a couple of weeks ago she mentioned that Francesca likes music, and especially likes listening to it to fall asleep. I’ve played you music sometimes, but we should probably play it more often. Usually when we’re hanging out and I’m doing laundry or chores, I’ll turn it on. Or, when we’re driving we often turn on the Baby Einstein classical music CD that Ann bought you. But we haven’t ever played music to get you to sleep, though we do often turn on the Sleep Sheep.

Tonight, nana and papa watched you while we went to a concert. Dad said you really liked the little toy on your playmat that plays music, and when he went to put you down he brought it into your room and kept playing it, over and over. He said by the fifth time you were asleep. I guess we’ll need to start adding music to your nap- and night-time routines.

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