When your furry brothers were puppies, and we pored through books on animal behavior similar to how we now devour books on parenting, we read about something that puppies experience called Frequent Random Activity Periods (FRAP). Periodically, they would have so much energy it was like they literally couldn’t contain it all, and they’d sprint about like crazed little animals. We quickly called it ‘frapping’.

Last night your dad called me in to the living room so that I could witness you frapping. You were laying on the ground at an activity center, holding on two toys, one with each hand, and you were frantically shaking, shaking, SHAKING the toys back and forth. Your legs even joined in the shaking session as you feverishly tried to shake the stuffing (or something!) out of the toys. You were very content, and very energetic. We’ve been realizing that you’re a very active baby, and you’re going to grow into a very active child. We’re going to have to keep you busy and moving to keep you happy and challenged. For the time being it is a little difficult to find activities for you to get your energy out. Soon we’ll start taking you swimming, and I think once you’re mobile that will help. But for now you’ll just have to keep frapping away in the activity center.

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