Ready for the Olympics

The Opening Ceremonies of the London Olympics were on TV tonight, and I was so excited. I made you an Olympic-themed onesie and you wore it and your USA tutu in honor of the occasion. I love the Olympics; the athletes are amazing and inspiring. This year I had so much fun wondering if you’ll enjoy watching them someday, if you’ll be an athlete yourself, and what sports you’ll participate in. While sharing my thoughts with your dad, he declared that you’ll probably be on the US national soccer team, and that you’ll play in the Olympics when you’re 20 and 24 (in 2032 and 2036). I was amused by his presumption, and asked why, if he was dreaming about this scenario, would you not play on the national team when you’re 16. He said that was a bit too aggressive. I’m glad to hear his dreams aren’t too optimistic.

Showing Olympic spirit

Meditating in your Olympic outfit

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