When Friends Become Parents

We had a nice breakfast with Dan, Becca, and Aaron, then you and I headed home so I could get some work done. This afternoon your dad barbequed and we all relaxed outside. You were content just laying on your belly, pushing your chest and head up with your arms, and looking around. Usually when we’re outside you roll around and want some toys to play with, but today you just held yourself up and looked around, happily observing the world.
Happy Being Outside
After dinner, just a few minutes before they departed, Becca and I were chatting and enjoying a few last minutes together. She had given some gentle direction to Aaron, and I couldn’t help but tell her that I think she and Dan are doing a great job as parents. Being a parent is hard, with almost no validation or appreciation, and I just wanted them to know I think they’re doing great. It is so neat watching a friend who I knew in such a different point of my life – college – become a parent, and an amazing one at that.

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