Sleep, Swim, Swing

We started today with an epic sleep fest. You slept great last night, sleeping through the night and waking up around 7. I fed you and we all snuggled in bed. But then we did something we’ve never done; we all fell back asleep and didn’t wake up until 11! We all must’ve really needed some sleep.

Once we finally woke up and got going we decided to go for a walk to the pool and take you for your first swim. I’ve been anxious to take you swimming for months, but had to keep telling myself that the risks for you didn’t outweigh the benefits. The doctor said that you are so little that you’ll get cold really fast and we’ll have to be careful to make sure you stay warm enough. She also said that you can easily pick up germs that cause diahhrea and other sicknesses from getting the water in your mouth. And lastly, we need to keep you out of the sun and so finding a warm pool either inside or in the shade has proven difficult.

Until today. The clubhouse in Breckenridge has a nice, enclosed pool. Your dad was at the pool a couple of months ago with your cousins and said the water was really warm. So we headed up there today. When we got there the water wasn’t quite as warm as he remembered it, and I was a little worried about taking you in the water. But the space was very warm, and the dressing rooms were outright hot, and we figured we’d put you in the pool just for a little while then could quickly retreat to the dressing rooms to warm up and dry off. We put on your little swim diapers and then your dad and I got into the pool with you.

Ready for our first family swim

I slowly immersed you up to your neck and everyone closely watched you with anticipation to see what your reaction would be; your papa had the camera at the ready. And you had absolutely no reaction. It was as if we were just holding you in the air, moving you about, and you were looking at us wondering what all the fuss was. Your dad swam back and forth and made some splashes, trying to get your interest level up. But you just seemed nonplussed by it.

Here we go!

More into the cup then the swimming

The family that swims together…

I suppose this is a very good sign that you showed no anxiety about swimming, and that in fact you seemed rather indifferent about it. At one point I was holding you and you tried to bend forward to grab your feet, and your face went right into the water. It happened so fast that I wasn’t able to react and keep your head up, and we all watched closely to see if you were alright and what your reaction would be. You came up and looked surprised, but you didn’t cry at all. I think you might be a little water baby!

After the swim we needed to rinse you off but there were only showers (and one too-small sink) in the dressing rooms. So, you had your first shower. Your dad held you and I lathered you up. You did really good, even when water would run down your face.

On the walk home we decided to take you to the playground to swing. The nannies take you swinging every day, but we haven’t yet been able to take you. We’ve been looking for some bucket swings in our neighborhood, but haven’t yet found any. We do have a little bouncy swing in our house that for the moment is serving as a swing, but this was your first real swing adventure with us. You did seem to really like it, but you spent most of the time trying to turn around in your chair and see behind you.

All smiles on the swing

Maybe I should’ve just turned you around so you could face that way. You are so tiny in the chair, even with a big towel behind you there was still lots of extra space. Papa had fun thinking about how in a year you’ll be so much bigger and you’ll be running around playing on the slides too.

Nana and Papa keeping a close eye to ensure you’re having fun

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