Precocious Little Girl

Today we had an appointment with the PT, OT and speech therapists that we worked with when you were born. At that time they helped you learn to suck so that you could nurse. They called about a month ago and asked if we wanted to come in for a follow-up. I told them that we don’t have any concerns and that you’re doing great. They responded that for most parents this is the case, but that it’s a good opportunity for us to ask questions regarding development and so we decided to take them up on the offer. I’m so glad we did; the appointment was great and we learned so much!

You were very talkative and active. They had so much fun with you, saying that you’re much more active than most 6-months old and that they enjoy the more lively kids. One of the ladies called you precocious. I have to admit that the word had negative connotations for me, and that in fact I couldn’t exactly give you a definition for it. But after looking it up, I’m happy to report that you are, indeed, my precocious little girl.

We learned of a lot of toys and activities to do with you, including exercises to help you develop more sounds a well as a stronger tongue for eating and eventually talking. It was so interesting everything they covered. They even noticed a slight tightness in the left side of your neck as a result of your getting stuck while I was in labor. They gave us exercise to help stretch your neck, and we’ll go back for a follow up with them in a month or two.

Throughout the appointment they kept commenting on how active you were, and in the notes they took and later gave to us they wrote down in three separate areas how active you are. They stated, as had your doctor previously, that we’re going to have to keep you busy, and they suggested music and Gymboree-type classes. We’ve already signed you up for swim classes and I’m researching music classes, so we’re hopeful we can find some good ones to keep you entertained and challenged.

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