Early Bird

You are an early riser. You often wake between 6 and 7, though you’ve had a few mornings where you’re awake as early as 5 and you’re ready to start your day. At that early hour your dad is in denial that you’re really up and wanting to play, and he brings you to our bed and tries to get you to snuggle. I can do nothing but smile and giggle as he lies there, eyes closed and arm wrapped around you, trying to will you to sleep. You roll back and forth, between him and me, grabbing at our noses, lips, hair, sometimes hitting us to get our attention, pulling the sheets here and there. There is absolutely no way anyone could sleep with your activities going on. But still he tries, lying there motionless, eyes closed, letting you pinch and pull and play. I try to contain your movement and my giggles for as long as possible, but eventually tell your dad that he needs to give up on trying to sleep and we just need to get up.

With neither of us being early birds, this is change in pace for us. But it’s actually sort of nice, getting up and starting our day so early. We are able to get so much accomplished in the hours before we used to even get out of bed. And we’re able to take you for nice strolls around the neighborhood, often walking down to the coffee shop and back. The dogs must be happy with this new schedule, because they’re getting longer walks, more frequently, then they ever have before.

All bundled for the morning walk with your friends, Nemo and Hee Ha Bob

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