A Budding Engineer

Your nana and I got a massage today, than we met you, your dad and your papa in Frisco for lunch. We walked around town a bit then found a place to eat. We put you in a highchair and tied a few toys on and you were pretty content for most of the meal. I have to admit that we felt pretty proud of ourselves for coming up with the solution of tying your toys on to the chair so that when you drop them off, they don’t get dirty or roll away on the floor.

When we got home we watched the CU game. We’re really trying to keep you from watching TV, and so your papa found a good little space for you in the corner, between the couch and the chair. You’re contained back there, can’t see the TV, but still have a little room to move around. There is the handle for the reclining chair right there, and you enjoyed playing with it. You kept grabbing it and trying to get it in your mouth, and before we knew it, we looked and you had taken it off from the chair! We’re not sure what happened, but it caused us to proclaim that you’re going to be an engineer just like me. Also of note on this day: CU finally won a game.

Go CU!

So excited about the win!

And the last noteworthy item from today is that you had your first piggy back ride! You seemed pretty happy there, on top of the world on your dad’s shoulders. I can only imagine how many times in the future you’re going to ask for a ride up there.

So high!

So fun!

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