Standing and Sleeping

Your sleep schedule has been a bit off over the last couple of weeks. You’re so focused on standing that often times you’ll be asleep in my arms but the minute I lay you down you roll over, pull yourself up and start crying. It’s as if your body is just automatically going through the motions of standing, even when you’re half asleep. It’s crazy because I’ll go pick you up and it’s like you’re instantly back asleep the instant I hold you in my arms. A few times you’ve gotten to standing but not been crying; you just sit there and babble to yourself happily. Last Thursday morning you did this, and I decided to just let you be and keep an eye on you on the monitor. You stood for a while, maybe 20 minutes, then finally sat down. As I was watching and listening to you, I could tell that you were getting more and more tired. Your sounds were become less excited and less frequent, and your motions were slowing. Then, I saw your head bob forward and you fell asleep, sitting up, but then suddenly jerked back awake. You did this a few times and then finally lied down and fell asleep. And this morning a similar thing happened. You were on the floor, standing and holding on to your nana. Your dad was outside raking leaves and you were entranced watching him. And the next thing we knew, you were asleep, with your little head resting on nana’s knee. You’re so active and alert; you just don’t want to miss anything.

Not sleeping in Chicago

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