Quick Learner

It is amazing all that your nana does with you during the days, and how quickly you learn things. I can’t keep track of the times I’ve come home from work and she’ll have something new to show me that you have learned or that you two have done together. About a month ago she taught you how to drop the little, colored balls into the toy, which in turn makes it light up and make a sound. It seems like that’s a skill that would require pretty good dexterity, and I’m still surprised at how quickly you became proficient at this game.

Today I came home and she said that you love the new ball I bought you over the weekend. She excitedly directed me to come and watch your new trick. She sat on the floor, facing you, and rolled the ball to you. And you corralled it in your legs and into your awaiting arms, where you scooped it up. Then you would put it on the ground and roll it back to her. I’m still in awe at how quickly you learned to do this.

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