New Food, New Friends

Since the doctor encouraged us to start introducing you to foods at a much more rapid pace than we had been previously, we’ve been having fun letting you try new things. Over the weekend we introduced you to black beans and mashed potatoes. Today we put a pile of shredded cheese on your tray and watched as you picked up pieces and enjoyed your first tastes. You did great at getting the pieces in your mouth. The dogs showed up about the same time that we opened the bag of cheese, and they assumed spots right next to your highchair. Moguly especially was very interested in this new feeding attempt of yours. After only a few minutes, you held your hand out over the edge of your tray and he licked your hand. You laughed, grabbed some more cheese, stuck your hand out, and he licked again. You found some entertainment, and he found a new best friend.

A new (cheesy) friend

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