A Fun Day in the City

Today nana and papa had lots of fun exploring the city with you. You went for a ride on a cable car, joined them for drinks (you merely observed) at the historic Buena Vista, watched sourdough bread being made, and even sampled gelato! In memory of your first visit to San Francisco, your nana and papa bought you a necklace today. They got it from a store where they picked out an oyster, harvested the pearl, and had it set in a necklace. They got a white pearl, which means ‘innocence’, and they saved the oyster shells for you. It is such a neat way for you to always remember your first trip to this city.

For me this has been my best work trip yet. I get to be in a fun city doing work, and get to come back to the hotel in the evenings and have you there! It’s the best of both worlds. Nana and papa enjoyed it as well, asking when the next work trip will be. I’d love to make this a tradition!

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