Enjoying Napa

Today we went to a few wineries around Napa, and then spent a little time eating and walking around the town of St. Helena. This is such a cute town and I hope we’re able to come back and spend some more time here. It’s so fun being with the entire family and watching them interact with you. Everyone loves you so much and is anxious to hold and play with you. Nobody can seem to get enough time with you! Even eating out, which is sometimes a little challenging because you get bored easily, was a fun occasion because of the multitude of people at the ready to hold you, feed you, or walk around with you if you got antsy. It’s so fun being surrounded by family.

Enjoying BV winery

Fun with your uncles

When we travel we have to be a little creative with ways to keep you entertained. Without the abundance of toys that we have at home, keeping you safe and happy is sometimes a challenge in hotel rooms. But your nana always has great ideas to keep you busy. Today she turned a little table upside down, put you in there and slid you all over the room. You loved it!

Who needs toys when there are tables around?

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