Tiny Dancer

You have a little toy walker that was given to us and has been living in your closet for many months. I pulled it out a couple of months ago and stashed it under the tables in your room, and you discovered it about a month ago. And you love it. On the front there are all sorts of things for you to play with, some of which light up, or talk, or play music. To date you mostly sit on the ground and play with the different toys on it, though in the last couple of weeks you’ve started scooting around by pushing it along from a kneeling position. But my favorite move of yours is your dance. The first couple of times that I’ve seen you dance I just thought your legs were a bit shaky from standing for so long while holding on to the walker. But as the occurrence kept coinciding with the country music coming from the walker, and no other time, I realized you were engaging in your first little dance. It is the cutest thing ever. I haven’t been able to get you to do it to any other music.

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