We got a Christmas tree yesterday, the placement of which displaced your toy corner. This in turn motivated us to convert the breakfast nook into a play area for you, something we’ve been talking about for awhile. We bought a storage unit yesterday and spent a great deal of last night moving furniture and setting up the room for you (and also decorating the Christmas tree). We were so excited for you to wake up today so we could show you the tree and your new play area. I was joking to your dad about how strange it must be to wake up and find a huge tree sitting in the place where normally your toys reside. But you didn’t seem bothered by it in the least, merely looking it up and down and wanting to touch all of the ornaments. Next we showed you your play area. You looked around for a minute then crawled over to the toy bins and pulled one out. I hadn’t anticipated that you’d be able to do that, but that’s okay, they’re all filled with things meant for you. You played for a little while, but soon you crawled your way up the one step into the kitchen and set off exploring.

First time in the playroom!

First time in the playroom!

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