Tiny, Cold Fingers

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to keep your hands warm in the cold winter weather. I’ve tried too-small mittens thinking you won’t be able to get them off. I’ve tried mittens with a string connecting each of them, which goes over and behind your head so that when you get them off (which you did) they don’t get lost. I’ve tried ones that your dad swears are socks, though frankly they stay on the best of them all. So recently I bought you a snowsuit with fold over sleeves – the kind that form little build-in mittens. I thought this would finally contain your tiny fingers and keep them toasty. But this morning, about halfway through our walk, I peeked into the stroller to see one finger on each hand had broken free of the warm, fleecy confines of the snowsuit and had found their way out into the cold. It appears my solution was only about 80% effective.

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