A Soloist

Nana and papa came over this afternoon and we all went to church. It was an early service and they had a traditional pageant with lots of singing. We sat at the end of the isle right where a lot of the singing and acting was happening, and you seemed mildly interested in watching it. But you really loved all of the singing, and you even ‘talked’ and ‘sung’ with everyone else. At one point the song ended and the entire church quieted, except for you who kept ‘singing’ aloud. The whole congregation burst into laughter. I wish I had a video of it!

Ready for church on Christmas Eve

Ready for church on Christmas Eve

On the way home from church nana asked if we were going to let you open one present the night before Christmas, a tradition we’d always done while growing up. We decided to go for it, and you had your first experience of ripping open a present. You seemed to enjoy it, though it took us a bit of prompting for you to understand that it was alright for you to rip off the paper. Inside was a little toy tea set, and we all had lots of fun drinking our imaginary tea with you.
Your first Christmas present

Your first Christmas present

It's a teapot!

It’s a teapot!

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