It’s all Relative

We often walk down to the coffee shop in the morning, a mile walk each way. You ride along in your stroller, almost always content. Today we checked the temperature before we went and it was in the low 20s. I thought that sounded pretty warm since the temperatures in Breckenridge over the weekend were barely above single digits. So I jumped at the chance to get outside with you for a walk.

The walk there was bearable, but really cold. You accompanied me inside the store to get coffee, and in there we both warmed up a bit and prepared to brave the cold for the walk home. On the walk home it was freezing. I think the wind picked up and I was already chilled from the walk down, but I was just miserable. You were definitely bundled up really well, but I was amazed at how well you did given the cold temperatures. It’s so hard to gage when it’s too cold for you and when it’s ok. We tend to want to get outside often, but we’ll just have to learn that sometimes staying in is best.

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