Items with History

I am a big believer in the recycling and reuse of objects, and I also love the sentimental and personal connections that certain items have. Your dresser, which doubles for a changing table, used to be my Great Aunt Emma’s. I used it when I was little, and now it is yours. It’s so special that you get to use something every day that used to be hers.

You also have some clothes and toys that used to be mine, your dad’s, or even your uncles’. Before Christmas nana and papa brought over a plastic set of nesting cubes. Both Uncle Brett and Kyle played with them when they were little, and then Cousin Kyle enjoyed them. You also have lots of clothes that used to me mine, including the cutest little pair of Adidas shoes. I wonder if someday you’ll pass any of these things on to your children, and you’ll tell them of the joy they brought you.

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