More Bumps

You’ve been trying to raise yourself to a standing position all on your own, without holding onto anything or anyone. You start on all fours, then stick your bottom into the air and then try to lift your top half up to stand. You’ve been getting really close to succeeding, and your nana said today you did it! You stood, and even took a step. She said you were rightfully wobbly and so she offered you her hand and you took it. I wish I could’ve seen it. The gains you make in progressing towards walking are visible virtually every day. It’s amazing to watch.

But along with these first steps comes lots of falls. Today you were standing and playing with Tupperware in ‘your’ cabinet, and you slipped, fell, and hit your head on the shelf. You had a large bump on your forehead that almost instantly turned into a bruise. Your nana and I tried to ice it but you’d have none of that. You were upset for a while, but soon enough you were ready to play and go exploring again. I really do want to get you a teeny, tiny little helmet for you to wear for the next, what, few years?

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