Mango Madness

You’re still a finicky, very small portion consuming eater. We have yet to find a go-to food, except perhaps cheese. I don’t think you’ve yet turned down cheese. Every once in a while we give you something and you enthusiastically eat it, and we think we’ve found a food that you love, something that will fill you and fatten you up. But sure enough, usually by the next mealtime or time that we offer it to you, you have tired of it.

Today you are obsessed with mango. You’ve had mango before, as early as a couple of days ago when your nana offered it to you and said you reacted strongly, negatively like it was too sour. Today we offered you a long, skinny slice and you gobbled it up, smacking your lips along the way. Your dad took a spare slice with him on the walk down to Gym Jam, and you ate that and seemed like you wanted more. When I was getting ready to head down to meet you two an urgent text informed me that “more mangos were needed”. I think you probably ate about ½ a mango today. But sure enough, by dinnertime, you had tired of the mango. We bought a huge carton of them at Costco, so hopefully your fondness of them returns quickly.

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