Emma Wake-Up Call

I had to leave early this morning for a work trip. I planned to leave at 6:15. You usually wake around 6 and so I was really hoping that the timing would work out so that you’d wake up and I could nurse you and give you kisses and snuggles before I left. This morning you awoke at 4:30. I asked your dad to try to rock you back to sleep so that I could sleep a little longer since I had to get up around 5:30 to get ready to leave. He tried for a while but could not get you to settle, so soon he came to get me and had me fed you. I nursed you and still you would not sleep. You seemed wide awake. I rocked you and sang to you, I even took you out to the couch and tried to lie down with you. Nothing worked. Finally at 5:30, when the alarm went off in our room to wake up me, your dad came back in to get you so I could get ready. Although I would’ve welcomed some more sleep, I enjoyed getting to spend some time with you before I left. So thanks for the wake-up call, sweetpea!

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