Hola, Wal-Mart

We spent the morning at the pool and beach; this is our last day at the ocean before we head to San Jose this afternoon. We took a raft out in the ocean and sat you down on that. You refused to stay seated and kept standing up, and thus seemed to enjoy your first attempt at surfing. In the pool we found a wide ledge that only had a couple of inches of water on it. You were able to sit or stand and play on top of the edge of the pool, and we spent lots of time there.

Hanging in the pool with dad

Hanging in the pool with dad

Busy girl

Busy girl

Big iguana chased us off our towel!

Big iguana chased us off our towel!

Cutest little beach bum

Cutest little beach bum

But soon it was noon and we had to quickly cleanup, get packed and head out. We went to the marina for lunch and then headed out of town towards San Jose. On the way you were asleep when we crossed the crocodile bridge (lots of crocs under the bridge). You were asleep when we crossed it coming, also. We’ll just have to save the crocodiles for next time.

We had a hard time finding our way once we got close to San Jose; none of the highways are well marked and the map your dad had downloaded wasn’t working. We missed our exit and ended up in San Jose, driving with completely no idea of where we were or how to get to the airport. At one of the tolls we asked how to get to the airport, and the directions we were given in Spanish didn’t make much sense, but we tried to follow them. I spotted an airport sign (yeah!) so we immediately started following that, and felt a little better though we weren’t certain it was the airport we needed since there are two in San Jose. It was rush hour and we were sitting in traffic on a highway, and then our gas light when on. The situation was getting worse and worse. It’s always hard to find a gas station when you’re on a highway and we didn’t have the gas to be driving aimlessly around. I told your dad that I thought the urgent priority was to get gas. It would be a bad bad thing if we got stranded on the side of the road. So, even though we were hesitant to get off the highway because it’s so hard to get back on, we took the next exit.

After driving just a little bit we found a gas station, filled up, and asked two different people for directions. Basically we just got back on the road we were on before (easier said then done) and followed it, and soon we were there. We were lucky because we ended up on the same road as the car rental company, and so just headed straight there. We’d planned to go to the hotel first and then you and I would stay there while your dad returned the car and dealt with taking the car rental shuttle to the airport then catching the hotel shuttle to the hotel. But since we’d had such a hard time navigating, we decided to just return the car. We were able to convince the shuttle driver to take us to our hotel, so it all worked out!

The hotel room was brand new and had a carpeted floor so it was perfect for you to walk around and explore. We soon needed to get dinner and we were going stir-crazy in the room, so we headed to the only store nearby – Wal-mart. We walked around for a while, just perusing the isles to kill time, and decided in the end just to eat at the hotel. We headed back, had a quick dinner while you explored the lobby, then went to bed.


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