Playing on the Playground

We had to run some errands today at 29th Street Mall. There’s a little play area there that I thought might be perfect for you now that you’re walking. As I was ducking into and out of stores I kept telling you that we were almost done and could go play. In the last store I told you that we were heading to the playground, and on our way out you said a loud string of babble that left everyone in the store laughing. One lady proclaimed that you’d just told an entire story; I think you were telling everyone how excited you were to go play!

You didn't like that there was snow in the fish's mouth.

You didn’t like that there was snow in the fish’s mouth.

Fun crawling through 'logs'

Fun crawling through ‘logs’

We headed to the play area and I sat you on the ground. There were six older kids running around and you were fascinated watching them for a bit. But then you started exploring. There was bits of snow in the shade of the play structures, and in the mouth of the large fish. You seemed perplexed by the snow, bending down and touching it and brushing it out of the fish’s mouth. There were two log tunnels that you crawled on through with minimal prompting. I leaned down at the far end and said your name, and as soon as you saw me you crawled toward me. I’ve never seen you go through a tunnel so I was surprised by your lack of hesitation. You happily played and explored for about thirty minutes, then we had to go pick your dad up from work and head to Breckenridge. But I sure am excited to have a fun outlet for you to play in the midst of one of my favorite shopping locales!

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