Using Your Hands to Communicate

You’re become very communicative, using your hand to point at things that you want and using your voice to emphasize those wants. You point in the vicinity of something you want, and we play a guessing game of holding objects out towards you until we finally realize what you want. Tonight at dinner you didn’t want any of the food that we kept putting down in front of you. Finally we offered dried mangos and strawberries, and you loved those. You wanted more and more and kept pointing to the bag on the counter to signify this. We wanted you to eat other foods. After your dad gave you a little more fruit he moved the bag out of your eyesight, behind the counter. You immediately pointed to exactly where the bag was and indicated that you wanted more. It was so funny, even though you couldn’t see it, you knew exactly where it was. There’s no outsmarting you!

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