Expert and Not-so-Expert Travelers

We felt like such expert travelers this morning as we loaded up and headed to the airport to catch our perfectly, strategically timed flight. We chose this particular flight to coincide with your naptime, and we were confident it’d work flawlessly and we’d have a sleeping, peaceful baby on our laps for the entire flight. Well, our confidence was quickly squashed by our total rookie move of buying not one, not two, but three drinks before boarding the plane – a coffee for your dad, an iced coffee for me, and a smoothie for you. So, trying to board the plane with you, four carryon bags, and three drinks was not the most successful. Luckily you walked nicely in front of me to our seats and held your smoothie, and that went really well. Until, while your dad and I were trying to stash the bags, you sat the smoothie down on my seat, it fell over, and spilt everywhere. Awesomeness. Even with that one drink down, we still had to juggle you in our laps and two other drinks. What were we thinking? At least you did sleep the entire flight, helping to redeem our confidence in ourselves.

This evening we went and ate at the JT. We brought you here exactly a year ago and you fell asleep with no clothes on before you came, and took an epic nap, so we ended up just bringing you with only a diaper on. This year you wore clothes, thank goodness, but you wouldn’t sit in your highchair for more than couple minutes. The rest of the time was spent exploring, and running around, and dancing. You got to see your granddad’s cowboy hat hanging on the wall, and I think your favorite was the big stuffed mountain sheep. The first time you encountered him you plopped yourself down on the floor right in front of him and just stared for a good two minutes. You were fascinated!

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