I have never felt conflicted about going on a vacation before. I am a count-down-the-days, anxiously anticipating, never-quite-seen-enough-of-the-world kind of traveler. But this trip is different; this is a first. This is the first time we’re leaving you behind while we go on a vacation. It’s our tenth wedding anniversary, and we felt like this occasion was worthy of a big trip! Way back in May we decided to take a few-day adventure to Belize, and leave you behind with Nana and Papa. We picked the location as one with lots of activities we couldn’t easily do with you, so that we could best capitalize on our time alone.

But now that the trip is approaching (next week!), I just can’t even imagine leaving you for so long. Your dad and I talked about bringing you, but we just don’t know how well it would work. The trip getting there is long, the hotel is not meant for children, and the location requires a flight on a tiny plane and boat rides to access it. Plus, your nana and papa are so excited to watch you; they’d be very disappointed if we took you with us. You are so familiar and comfortable with them, and I know you will do fine. We bought you a bunch of little toys and treats; I plan wrap up a present for each day that we’re gone. Hopefully that and all the fun things nana and papa have planned will help the time fly by for you. I hope it goes by fast for us too; I’m going to miss you so much!!

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