We Have Words!!!

Well, we finally had an evaluation with the free, state-funded early intervention program to assess your speech delay. They determined that you have a very minimal delay, they were virtually unconcerned, and you certainly didn’t qualify for assistance through their program. The therapists there did state that your attending daycare will likely be very beneficial for you and we should see your language development pick up with your emersion in school.

And it’s true! First, we have clear dada and mama, nana and papa. Over the last week you’ve added Emma (a little like ama) to your repertoire. You also have ‘uh-oh’, introduced by your papa about two weeks ago, which you initially said over and over, but which you are now starting to use at some appropriate times (drop a toy…un oh). Ha! You’re still doing ba and da for things like ball and balloon and dogs, but you’re exploring new sounds, things like mo (for more), Bubba and shhhhh (with hand and tiny finger held up to your lips). You do up, up, up when climbing the stairs at the playground (said on each step as you work your way up), and dow, dow, dow when climbing down, though you still have yet to say ‘up’ when you actually want to be picked up. You’re also mimicking us more, and just yesterday we said ‘wow’ which was reciprocated by a hearty ‘WOW’ by you. It’s so fun! It’s also neat to hear your voice, and to hear words come out of your mouth. So happy for you that you’re progressing so nicely recently.

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