Today is your second birthday. For the last couple of months, as your friends at school have had their birthdays, you’ve celebrated them there with treats and the singing of the traditional birthday song. You’ve learned the song by now, and sing it at least once a day, often asking us to sing it to you. You tell us who to sing it to, demanding ‘Freja’, or ‘Kate’, or ‘Jonathan’. For the last few days we’ve been saying that your birthday is coming up. We ask you what you want for your birthday. You almost always say, ‘cat’.

We woke up and snuggled in bed this morning, and wished you happy birthday with kisses and love. I told you how happy I was that you came to meet us two years ago. Then I gave you one little gift to open before school, Mickey Mouse shoes and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. You loved the shoes, and tried to put them on over your pajamas; they didn’t fit. You didn’t show much interest in the shirt, and when I asked if you wanted to wear it today, you instead requested your Broncos’ shirt. Good to see you’re still a fan after their sad loss on Sunday!

We took you to school for the day but your dad and I came back this afternoon for your class birthday celebration. When we walked in you had a pink crown on your head that said ‘Emma is 2’. I’m not sure if you wore it all day, but you certainly seemed happy to have it on. We brought mini cupcakes and everyone sat down and sang to you. You had a special chair that you had decorated yourself, with pink and purple crepe paper. You sat there and had your cupcake first. You ate the frosting off, then the cupcake. You made a mess and seemed enthralled with the cupcake. You asked for more when you were done.

Emma is 2!

Emma is 2!

We left school and went to meet Nana and Papa for dinner. We had a nice dinner and celebrated both yours and Nana’s birthdays. You were a little fussy and I think just tired from your big day. We had a cookie with ice cream and two candles on top, and you enjoyed eating that. You’ve had lots of sugar today. I’d brought you a few gifts to open at the restaurant, thinking you could play with them while we ate. They were a glue stick, tape and scissors. I’d brought paper and poms poms for you to make a masterpiece with. You became obsessed with the scissors and very frustrated that you could not make them work. The scissors quickly were put away.
Birthday cookie with Nana and Papa

Birthday cookie with Nana and Papa

The birthday girls having a laugh

The birthday girls having a laugh

Smiling birthday girls, 2 and 72!

Smiling birthday girls, 2 and 72!

We headed home and opened gifts. Nana and Papa bought you a very nice art easel, and many art supplies to go with it – paint, dry erase crayons, chalk, paper, and paintbrushes. You’re going to have so much fun playing with all of it tomorrow. Nana bought you a cute, metal Madeline-themed tea set. It is tiny, and you immediately loved playing with it, bringing over your dolls to give them some tea. You also got a nice book about tea time.
Excited about all your art supplies from Nana and Papa!

Excited about all your art supplies from Nana and Papa!

Gretchen and family gave you a stuffed camel and a book about camels. While reading books tonight before bed you clutched onto the camel, and when I laid you down in your crib you clung onto it. I was worried the eyes might be a choking hazard, and tried to take him away from you after you’d been lying for a while, but when I tried to pull it away, you grabbed on to the camel and said ‘CAMEL!’ and I gave in and let you sleep with the camel. When we came in to get you this morning you were still holding on to him.

Your favorite things include:
• Mickey Mouse Club
• Mickey Mouse books (your favorite is ‘Mickey Mouse Picnic’)
• Diapering and un-diapering your dolls
• Yogurt
• Singing the Happy Birthday Song

You currently weigh about 22.5 pounds and are thus firmly in the 2nd percentile for weight. You are 34 and a half inches long (2’10.5” as your dad puts it) and in the 77th percentile in height. You are happy and healthy, active and smart. You keep us on our toes always!

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