Emma’s a Comedian

You have developed quite a funny little personality. You make goofy faces and sounds, and today you made your first joke! We were driving to the zoo, and you told your dad and I that we should go to the coffee shop. We looked at each other with quizzical faces and one of us asked you, “Why should we go to the coffee shop?”. To which you replied, “Because I have a cough”, and you proceeded to do a couple of fake little coughs. It was pretty amazing, and I’m still perplexed about how you came up with that!

Also on the same drive to the zoo (it’s a long drive…), you started singing your ABC’s (which just in the last week or so you’ve completely perfected), but you started doing it in a really low, goofy voice. You sang the whole song that way, your dad and I were cracking up. You make us laugh so hard!

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