First Concert

This evening we all went to the Jeff and Paige concert at Chautauqua. Jeff and Paige are a couple who sing kid-focused nature-themed songs. We’ve gone a few times to hear them play with Emma; this was your first time along! You got really fussy and upset on the way there. First we stopped at the grocery store and your dad ran inside to grab items for our picnic dinner. You started crying inconsolibly in the car while we were waiting, so I got out and picked you up, and you calmed down. But when I put you back in the carseat to go pick up your sister, you got upset again. At her school the same thing happened; I picked you up and you were content. But once we left for the concert, you were upset again. It was only about a five minute drive, thank goodness, but we were all really stressed by the time we got there. I got you out, found a spot for us all to sit, and nursed you, and you calmed right down. You slept the rest of the concert, so I’m not sure if you enjoyed it or not.

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